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Welcome to the Noorbiz Resource section, a curated list of tools and websites that we strongly recommend to help you build and optimize your business. Many of the resources here are crucial for Noorbiz and many others. We have tested and used every recommendation on this page. We will update this page from time to time.

DISCLOSURE: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that we have experience with all of these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and valuable, not because of the small commissions we make if you decide to buy something.  Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or  help you achieve your business goals.


Think of the tools like vehicles; you need to pick the most reliable vehicle to bring you to your destination. But, before starting your journey, be sure you have a clear destination and the most efficient plan to reach that destination. Feel free to check Noorbiz Business Ideation Workshop and article about getting the business ready to help you start your business journey. 

What tools are you looking for?

Operational Tools

ClickUp is a combination of task manager, note-taking application, and goal tracker, all in one software. As a project planning software, it accommodates the need of people who like to organize their tasks in a single list; and people who want to break down their jobs into many spaces, folders, and lists. Clients/teams can also be separated into different workspaces.

Zoom video conferencing is a favorite resource loved by Noorbiz

Zoom - Video Conferencing

Zoom conferencing is a versatile conferencing platform that allows us to connect and collaborate with our team and clients wherever they may be. This platform allows us to create private conference rooms and host a large webinar that we can record. It is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use platform. One of our favorites!

Later allows us to schedule our posts across social media (IG and Facebook for Noorbiz) in advance. With the free plan, we can post up to 30 contents to a set of social media and see their performance afterward. Later also provide a link management tool that can be added to Instagram bio: It works by assigning links to selected posts.

Love planning with sticky notes but hate to waste the paper? Miro will be a great option. We can create our framework from scratch or start from the provided template: maps, workflows, and wireframes. More than a whiteboard, Miro also has a presentation mode, chatting space, slide-in notes, and many other cool features.

Check out our framework to capture traffic from Clubhouse that was built in Miro.

If you want to have a WordPress website, it cannot be easier; watch how easy it is in our courses. We have had Bluehost as our hosting provider since we have this website and have never experienced downtime so far. We can talk with a human representative in a reasonable waiting time and then get our questions efficiently sorted.

Adding new videos to Searchie can be done in many means: recording, uploading, and syncing with Facebook. Once uploaded, Searchie will automatically create the video transcription. Then, we can organize those videos into folders and playlists. Another cool feature from Searchie is we can create Searchie hub(s). It looks like a website where we can create pages resembling YouTube channel pages.

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to listen to a specific topic/term from a video but forget when it was discussed? This problem can be easily solved by searchable transcription on Searchie. Even better, Searchie makes it possible to embed this searchable transcription functionality in our website using its ‘Widget’ tool.

To take your business to the next level, we have found it essential to use a one-stop place to email, calendar, and keep my documents easily accessible via mobile and shareable with team members or even clients! We love how it keeps everything in one place! We can also easily add people as part of the organization and at an affordable price.

WordPress is a highly-customizable framework for managing content and editing front-end structure and layout. At Noorbiz, our services/products need various functionalities, such as membership, email automation, commerce, appointment management, and payment. And all those functionalities are easily integrated with WordPress. Another benefit is that WordPress has a rich collection of beautiful yet ready-to-use themes and templates. Anyone could almost certainly find a WordPress theme or template that suits their business need, making it easy to create a fully-functional, professional-looking website in minutes.

If you’re curious how easy it is to start a WordPress website, watch how Gemi helped Neely build her first website.

In Canva we can set up our brand kit, like logo, color, and font type; create professional looking logos, name card design, and social media contents from scratch or the templates; and organize all those designs in separate folders. Bonus, it also has a Learning page that is populated with tutorials, branding tips, and creative projects.

See Noorbiz Instagram posts that were created on Canva.

Revenue Tools

With MailerLite, we can create email campaigns, manage the subscribers, plan drip automation, track email performance, build landing pages and websites, do the A/B split campaigns, and many more. The form, landing page, email, and website templates are well-designed and highly customizable. Tracking and reporting can be done with Google Analytics, complementing MailerLite’s overview about clicks generated in the campaigns. Email automation can be integrated with e-commerce platforms (WooCommerce for Noorbiz products), enabling campaigns about specific products. Not to mention that it permits multi-users as administrators, supporting smooth collaboration.

LearnDash allows us to build learning sites that are structured with lessons and topics, learning materials, videos, quizzes, and assignments. Learning experiences for each course are either free-form (where learners can start from any lesson) or linear (learners have to follow the right order). LearnDash accommodates other functionalities through adds-on, such as membership, cart, course-bundle offer, newsletter subscription, and many more.

Please visit Noorbiz Academy to see LearnDash in action.

In Noorbiz, we use Stripe to securely handle all payment transactions, such as invoices, one-time payments for our products/services, recurrent payments for our membership, and refunds. While it’s very developer-friendly, we can painlessly integrate Stripe with other platforms, such as WordPress (CMS), WooCommerce (e-commerce platform), and Calendly (appointment software). Also, we can personalize the invoices and receipts with our logo and brand color.

We have been using this framework to capture the traffic from Clubhouse. However, we can also implement it to any traffic source.

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