Myth #1

Marketing Automation is the end all be all to your marketing, demand generation, and sales solutions. This is far from the truth. Great marketing starts with understanding your customer and how your product or service creates/adds value for them. Marketing automation helps automate route processes freeing you and your team up to focus on the in-person touches. Marketing automation allows you to meet your customers where they are in their journey to engage/purchase your product/service. However, before starting any marketing automation strategy — understanding the customer is key!

Myth #2

Marketing Automation is just blast emailing or what I like to call spray and pray. Today’s customers expect to be met where they are — not the other way around. Therefore, customizing communications to each of your customer segments is key because without it you are just guessing (or spraying and praying).

Myth #3

Marketing Automation means I can just set it and forget it. This is far from the truth! As with any marketing or business tactics, there are ebbs and flows as a response to how the customers respond to different stimuli, communications, media, and artwork. Marketing automation enables the marketer to set up different campaigns for different customer segments and the capability to track & measure in real time the effectiveness of the campaign.

Myth #4

If we use Marketing Automation it means that our communications are impersonal and it will feel spammy. The goal of marketing automation is to be able to segment your customers into “like-minded” behavior buckets. This allows marketers to create specific communications that resonate where they are in the buyers’ journey.

Myth #5

Marketing Automation is TOO complicated! Unfortunately, this sentiment is true when marketers do not have a clear strategy of how they want to reach, engage and connect with the customers. However, another cause of this is when they don’t understand their customer’s buying and decision-making cycles. All of the tactical activities that a marketer creates needs to roll up into the overarching strategy which drives and influence revenue.

Myth #6

Marketing Automation is TOO expensive — This isn’t true. With an estimated 13% growth of the marketing automation industry, it means all types and sizes of businesses can get in on the Marketing Automation action. Here at Noorbiz, we have worked with a single person to a midsize B2B business model by building out a marketing automation recipes that meet their needs — all within their budget.

Myth #7

Marketing Automation is only for large companies. This is also not true. As Entrepreneurship is on the rise, so is the need for help to streamline the already bootstrapped entrepreneur or any size business of that matter. Therefore, anyone who would like to leverage technology to streamline and also be smart about how and when they make connections with their audience can get in on the action.

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