We have been using this framework to capture the traffic from Clubhouse. However, we can also implement it to any traffic source. Gemi will explain it to us: from traffic source, to the container, to email campaign.


Video Transcription

Hi friends. Welcome to the lead funnel starter kit. I’m so glad that you guys are here. And this is a framework that we have been using with our mentees in our membership program or mentorship membership program. And I wanted to share this with you because it got me excited. Because I know that a lot of you guys are struggling out there and yeah, you got all these people coming, for example, your clubhouse rooms, or you got people coming to your Instagram, but you are not capturing that information, using that, and nurturing those people into your own paid programs. 

The Lead Funnel Starter Kit Worksheet

Now, what I’m going to do here is the link for this. You know, the right here behind me is downloadable, and definitely, this is a lead magnet. With it, you’re going to get also a blank one so that you guys can create your own. The cool thing about this lead funnel starter kit is how it worked. Several of my mentees had less than 10 people on their Instagram account. They had a couple of posts, not even the entire row. Some of them had only one like, some of them had three likes. And, all of them had less than 10 follows. 

Now, guess what happened? We decided to open a Clubhouse room. And if you guys are interested in learning how to open up a Clubhouse room, that has a lot of people in it and people who are engaged, ping me on Instagram. And then, I will let you know if I’m running a special workshop just for that. Anyway, so this is how it worked. They went from almost nobody following them to, after running clubhouse, we had almost close to 200 people following Instagram, as well as close to a hundred people who signed up on the waiting list.

Now that is such an incredible number in terms of percentage-wise. I don’t want to go give you guys percentages. I just want to give you real numbers. The percentage is insane. Like this is triple, quadruple, right? And I used this simple framework and it’s not something sassy and crazy.

What You Need and How It Works

Capture The Traffic and Collect Them In

What you’re going to need is to find out your traffic sources. You’re gonna choose Instagram, you’re gonna choose clubhouse, you can do FB live. Anything that you decide, choose one. 

And then, second, you need to have a container to collect them in. Now, in my case, in our case, in our mentees case, everybody’s using MailerLite. I love MailerLite. I’m not an affiliate of them. So this is not a sort of promotion, but I’m not an affiliate yet. How about that? But, we’ve tried a ton of different platforms and no one is, you know, perfect. But, we found that MailerLite really does the job. 

A couple of things that we like from that is the email itself. It has a form and it has a landing page, very easy to use and very kind of straightforward. So I totally recommend it if your guys are newbies and if you guys are not. And, if you have CRM system, this works too. 

I want to walk you, kind of, a little bit through this. Basically, on the left of the sheet is all the explanations of what needs to go into each element. And then, there’s an Instagram component and there is a Linkin bio. So you’re going to have your traffic source, you’re going to have to get a Linkin bio or Linktree. 

I did not use Linktree. I like Linkin bio just because I didn’t have to create two things. And, it wasn’t too different, like links or words. It just uses my Instagram posts. I could just drag the post over it and have a link directly into the lead magnet or to the lead magnet page, which then I would have an embedded form from MailerLite. And then, people could sign up right away.

Now, here on the left side here in the yellow box, it’s just a sort of a framework of what your Linkin bio may look like. So, you definitely have to sign up on later.com. later.com is free. So, the Linkin bio is also free. You have about, I think, 30 posts. So, don’t worry about this is going to pricey or not.

It doesn’t have to be pricey. MailerLite also has a free version and it has a 14-day trial to get all of the bells and whistles. So you could do this and we’ve done this in one week. So, you don’t have to pay anything to try this out. 

So, don’t forget to click on the link so you can get a download of this worksheet and enter your email and your name. I would love to connect with you after. 

Drip Campaign

So next right after you’ve collected them, they’ve already signed up. What’s going to happen. You got to get them into your drip campaign. A drip campaign is basically an automation. Ooh, did I say a really bad word or a scary bird? Don’t be scared. It’s not a robot. It’s just basically a sequence email that goes: somebody signs up, then they get a welcome email (you know, you’ve gotten those, right?). And then, email number two would be “Hey, you’ve read it.” And it could be a couple of days later. and you could do a couple of things with them. You could give them some, you know, tips and tricks based on your lead magnet or lead offer. And then, or you could give them wins. You could ask them to enter a challenge or whatever it is. There is no rhyme, or right way, or wrong way. You guys could do it any way you guys want to do it.

I suggest to do five drip campaigns, especially in a seven to 10 day period. Just a little secret here, if you do it between seven and 10 days, you’re getting them warmed up immediately. You’re fresh in their mind. They just saw you live. They heard you. They want to get to know you. They want to know what the next step is. And here you are, you’re walking them through the path.

So, just imagine if you are hosting a party and somebody comes into your living room right there. In your living room, they’re just standing there. Like, I don’t know what to do, where do I sit, all this kind of stuff. So take that moment, welcome them in and say, “Hi, I’m here, sit here, eat this, drink, this, do this, so that you can X, Y, Z.” And kind of ladder it back to your lead magnet offer.

On the right side here are some other email descriptions, and I like to do this all the way down. And you can have 10, you can have 20, it all depends on your audience. And we can talk a little bit more about audience. I know audience is like a big thing. Don’t do ‘I serve everybody.’ And if you are doing that, please message me because I don’t want that to happen to you.

All right? So once they go down, you want to probably send them to your purchasing offer. So, this is a quick start that you can start right away tomorrow, create a lead magnet. You don’t have to have all four, just start with one. Again, my mentees have only two or three posts on their Instagram and they have done this and seeing results.

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So come on people, let’s get this going. And if you guys want some more tips and tricks, definitely subscribe. Or, just DM me on Instagram @noorbizgemi. It’s Noorbiz, N O O R B I Z. And, I will see you there. Take care. Bye.

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