The article by HBR titled, Digital Transformation Is Not About Technology by Behnam Tabrizi, Ed Lam, Kirk Girard, and Vernon Irvin. This article got me thinking about my initial assumptions about how and why marketing technology and automation adoption in many companies aren’t successful.

The fear of changing.

This article helped me see the real reason why my effort to get internal marketing teams to adopt marketing automation, etc. And it wasn’t because the technology was hard; it was the mindset of those whose work was affected by it. Marketing automation/technology created fear and stress in people’s minds. I didn’t realize it was fear. I thought it was a personality thing or that they didn’t want to comply, but thinking back it was just fear. Fearful of what the technology may reveal about them and their work. This feeling resonates with executives as well as junior staff. And no one wants to be outed because its a sign of vulnerability.

Change is happening whether we like it or not.

However, markets are changing. Change is inevitable. Those companies that can’t or resist change in how they operate and engage their customers will be left behind. Worse, they may need to close shop.
And workers who resist the change will be left behind and will be replaced. Hopefully, companies will retrain those employees. However, real change can’t happen when the employees themselves resist change, even with an immense amount of training. What needs to happen is to change the mindset. To survive this change, it requires a different mindset – a growth mindset.

Noorbiz’s purpose

The work I am doing with Noorbiz is a quest is to help companies create a marketing automation strategy that will work for their business. To help companies to streamline their operations and to ensure they are engaging with their customers.

But, thinking and reading this article takes my mind and heart to the individuals who are tasked to run the marketing platforms and ensure those efforts hit the bottom line. And my goal is to create and serve. Technology can’t run on its own; it needs the human touch. Hence why we, at Noorbiz are running these mini-workshops. We are doing this either online or in-person to help individuals who are feeling the heat and pressure of changing how they work and do their job.

What can YOU do?

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