Ilma Andayana

Ilma Andayana is a data analyst and user experience engineer at Noorbiz. She enjoys learning and contributing to the exciting marketing and sales investigation at Noorbiz.

Her passion for data analytics is rooted by her enthusiasm for puzzles, numbers, and mystery stories. Agatha Christie’s series are the ones she read most. She also enjoys reading juvenile, fantasy, and sci-fi books.

Noorbiz encourages data-driven conversations to make its decisions, the right place for Ilma to practice her data analysis and problem-solving skills. She started her journey in Noorbiz as a volunteer. By doing so,  she got an opportunity to meet these amazing women who have extensive experience in their field. These great mentors enabled her to expand her knowledge beyond her expertise and gave valuable yet empowering feedback. 

In addition to data analysis, Ilma does website development using WordPress (+website builder), PHP, React, HTML, and CSS (+Sass). It was driven by her love of visual storytelling. Let her know your opinion about the Noorbiz website, this single-page website, and one of NCSU lab’s websites

She also enjoys doing other volunteer work, such as joining a cultural corp with the Indonesian Students Association at NCSU (Permias NCSU) to promote Indonesian art, flora, and fauna to elementary school students.

After living in 7 different cities in 2 other countries, she resides in Ashburn (VA) with her husband and their children.
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Noorbiz Puzzle No. 2021
3. Location of KAIST
4. WordPress language
1. Location of Bandung Institute of Technology
2. Famous fermented soy product from Indonesia
5. Character in Agatha Christie’s novel

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