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Who is Gemi?

Gemi is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, teacher and coach.

Gemi Hartojo

What makes her unique in her role at Noorbiz?
She is a leader and inspires change.
She is a perspective problem solver.
She is trustworthy and keeps to her word – Insha Allah.
She is an intuitive people connector.
She is resilient and doesn’t know all the answers – as is OKAY with it.
She is funny and super loud.
She makes you feel that you can conquer the world with a spoon. 🙂
She makes the impossible possible and then some.

Where did she get this from?
Ha! She was born with it. 😀
Working with large organizations, Fortune 500 and 5000, and start-up companies around the globe allowed her to exercise her natural abilities to adapt and grow.

It’s her innate ability to flex her mind and see problems from a different perspective.  A perspective that cuts right through the clutter and gets right to the root of the problem. Her ability to see through complex problems and find a unique and straightforward solution has helped companies increase their bottom line.

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Gemi's Works

She works from a place of fundamental vision.

Here are some examples (the company’s names have been changed for privacy reasons) BUT… you can always ask about it when you meet her. 🙂

Working in the lead-generation industry, the goal was to generate more leads to make more money. And no one could explain how it all worked, which frustrated her to bits. She couldn’t visualize how all the dots connected, which could generate more money. Like how? Well, she took it upon herself (and at the time, the internet was still green). She pieced together pieces of paper and drew out the flow. This blew her boss’s mind off because he could finally articulate how the business made or didn’t make money. This is the first step to building a customer journey, lead flow, and harnessing marketing automation.

She works from a place of fundamental vision. She believes that everything we do, at work and in life, is based on fundamental principles that drive fundamental decisions.

Her thinking here, increased revenue by 2000%! Just by taking a moment and “drawing” things out, she implemented the fundamentals of Production Management and optimized that flow. This was her first taste in Customer Journey building and Automation.

Automation was born out of necessity.
Having already spent an entire year learning over twenty-seven different Software as a Service Platforms, she took on SalesForce, HubSpot, and other CRM and Email Automation platforms by the horns and implemented her first Automation Drip campaign.

At the time, this was unheard of. But because in that situation, she needed to generate a TON of sales and a TON of revenue with no one on the client list… she had to!

Here is what she did, by herself.

She attended in-person conferences and collected thousands of business cards — and instead of pocketing them, she scanned them into her system, and while she was on a plane back to her office, emails and appointments were rolling in! One week after the show, she closed over two hundred sales — just from that show alone!

And, every time the team would come up with a new product, she’d roll out her “automation,” and it blew her boss’s mind that she’d hang out in the kitchen while the phone calls rolled in. And no, it wasn’t fancy. It was simple, down-to-earth, and genuine to the customer.

Imagine the solutions she can come up with when she looks at your business. It’s no telling what may come out of it.

That’s the beauty of it. There is no one way to solve a problem.

And honestly, there shouldn’t be.
Over the years, she continues to be curious and further her learning.

She got herself into Design Thinking and Sales Enablement Strategies, not to mention she just nerds out on the Marketing Technology stack — loves the work that Scott Brinker over at HubSpot does.

She took this knowledge and has helped nonprofit organizations to step up and into their work. To position and create a strategy that changed their organization’s capacity.

Gemi's Superpower

She has the power of perspective and curiosity, and she of makes something out of nothing.

Gemi’s Superpower (take The Zone of Genius course!!)
Having the power of perspective and curiosity, she is able to authentically show up for her clients and those around her in a curious-George kind of way.  There is no judgment.  And she sees the potential in everyone.  She believes that everyone has a chance and the capability to build a business and generate an income — but only if they want to.  She is a champion and instigator.  She’s been dubbed “the velvet hammer”; which means she is SUPER persistent but is super nice about it.

She loves seeing people grow. And has a soft spot for her Muslim sisters.  She knows that if they had their income and owned their hours, they would make a positive ruckus in the world we live in today.

Her love and passion for technology can do a lot of heavy lifting BUT never ever to cut out the unscalable yet powerful conversations with her clients. It makes her a marketing technologist with a heart.  A big one, I might add!

Another superpower she has is making something out of nothing.  This capability comes directly from cooking.  She creates delicious foods with what is in the pantry and translates that capability into her business and marketing work.

Her Legacy

aMuslima and Noorbiz

A testament is her co-founding, a global Muslim Woman website that she built from the ground up —with literally nothing.  No knowledge about content creators or even how to get sisters worldwide to publish content efficiently and accurately —Gemi created a system, and no, she didn’t copy anyone.  The system she made was unique to aMuslima —and to this day, it stands proud alongside the Indonesian version of the site –

P.S. Her team published a book, fed remote villages in Indonesia, and encouraged 60 women worldwide to contribute their stories and build communities like no other.

Why Noorbiz?
Truth. She is tired of hearing and seeing Muslim Founders floundering like flounders in the sea. It’s time to put her knowledge to work for the greater good of the Ummah.  And for her to do it well, she needs to focus on helping you.  She can’t do it without charging.

So, instead of doing one-to-one consulting, she is opening up her “living room” and inviting you, the founders and the owners, to come in and learn how to build a Barakah business that is sustainable for years to come.

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