Does your business struggle to engage with your customers?
Do you struggle on how to get more leads?
Do you wish that you had a reliable system to connect with your customers?

Working to at many fortune 500 companies early in my career — their focus would be to build brand awareness, and promote the company’s services and products to a wide audience.  This methodology although great and can be “effective” there was no proof that it really was. How could we correlate when the company’s advertisement aired on TV to the sales of that product?  We couldn’t. The only way was to conduct a cumbersome marketing research study to see if there was an increase in brand awareness – not sales. There wasn’t a clear way to measure the ROI on what was spent in media. I personally, couldn’t understand how weren’t able to measure the ROI.

Fast forward to early 2000, being exposed to the world of online marketing, digital strategy – a marketers dream come true in that all of the media spends were measurable within a matter of minutes!  Also, imagine this — when someone saw my ad then clicked on it and filled out a form or a call-to-action then landed in my email list I could program the system to automatically send an email to the customer – in fact, I could send a series of them as reminders AND tailor the campaigns based on if they engaged with that email or not!

As the director of a start-up, I was the power of ONE plus so, this meant any major business development calls needed to be with me not with my assistants.  How could I engage the customer who was most engaged and interested to work with us but not spend time cold calling each lead? Here how I leveraged technology to make me look (to the outside world) that I had a team of 20+ people working on this?  I utilized a CRM platform, did some creative writing and funneled and organized the leads into lists that were distinct. The result? I was able to reach out to more than 2,000 potential customers at one time and make them feel that I sent them each a personalized email — which in turn 20% of them replied and wanted to speak to me and see how we could work together.  Isn’t that crazy?! I was blown away. That year I brought on 2000+ clients from zero clients and even zero offers. That year we also raked in 2500% in sales just through my efforts.

So, I discovered the power of technologies and platforms that are made for marketers — that don’t cost an arm or a leg and that potential customers are waiting to hear from you.

I’d like to have the opportunity to teach you how I did it.

You may have a small team or it just might be you — but learning how to leverage technology to help you get clients and grow your business as well as positively make an impact those around you and grow your business exponentially.

Your business can grow and technology and systems can help you do it – faster and more efficiently.  It also allows you to track and know what your customers are looking for.

Here is how I did it for fortune 500 companies and startups

During my work at a StartUp company where I was the second person employed.  I was faced with the task of developing products and then selling them. With limited time, budget and needing to hit targeted goals (I wasn’t initially hired as a business development person and I had no prior experience) I had to come up with standard operating procedures that would enable me to hit my goals and keep my mind intact….

Did I mention, at the time I was a mom with two young boys?

I researched, tested, asked many questions as well as learned very quickly that there were technologies out there that could help me keep everything aligned, organized and streamlined so on the customers’ point of view – we were a large organization that was professional and yet personable at the same time.  This process allowed us to grow the business from just-the-two of us to a team of twenty-six people! We bought a small building and our revenues hit the double-digit million dollar mark! With that success, we built out another company that was a SaaS platform solving problems for marketers.

The rest history.

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