We coach you to move toward your dreams.

Dreamers, founders, change-makers, and coaches get clarity on your business’ vision and take action to lead a fulfilled life.

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When you feel empowered, clear, and confident on your next step, you will experience life, business, or a career that you long for.

You get to take a moment to learn about yourself and your inner self so you can challenge the status quo and build a balanced life. 

By working with a Life or Business Coach, you  effectively uncover what’s blocking your success, saving time to build and be in the life and business you’ve always wanted.

Humaaans - 1 Character

Intrigued and want to work with a coach?

Mbak Gemi was recommended by my sister, who has only said great things about her. My first experience in being coached by her was insightful as her inquisitiveness and sparkling personality gave me the conviction

Athina Dinda
Gemi is a fantastic coach. She is full of energy and has a wealth of business experience. She provided me with the techniques to find my leader within and guided me to formulate my business plan. She cares

Lorelle Y.
Project Analyst
I have benefitted very much from Gemi’s coaching in my personal and work life. We took a deep dive into my motivations and use that to propel me to the next steps which I had

Tarannum Khan
Office Manager


What is the difference between coaching, mentoring, and consulting?

Please see this article.

Which service am I a better fit for?

Find out if you should do coaching, mentorship, or Barakah Business Hub. Take the Barakah Business Meter Quiz.

What is sample coaching?

Sample coaching is a real-live coaching session where a coach and yourself tackle one issue in that one session. It can be an issue you’d like to discuss.
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What if I don’t like the sample coaching session? Do I still have to commit?

No. You don’t have to commit if you don’t like the sample coaching.

Will I get value in the sample coaching?
Yes, you will.  However, you must provide a real challenge in your life that you’d like coaching one.


Business Coach and Strategist

Gemi is a serial entrepreneur and a business strategist with over 25-years of experience, helping Fortune 500, 5000, and start-up businesses grow exponentially.

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